Testimonial 12/25/2018

Wow! I'm so glad I have finally found my go-to salon! I was referred to Alis and drove about 50 miles to meet her, boy was it worth it!

I wanted a total makeover right before the holidays and that's exactly what Alis delivered. I was feeling run down for having the same look for years and Alis totally helped me achieve 
what I was going for. She worked hard and made sure I left satisfied. She knows exactly what look works for you and what doesn't and has a high level of expertise - I don't trust people with my hair so easily but there was something about Alis that gave me 100% assurance that she was going to work her magic successfully. 

She truly is a gem and is great at what she does. Her positivity and very friendly nature is left to be desired by any client. I have been to many salons from the valley to Beverly Hills to Orange County, and without a doubt I'm glad I will continue to go to this location. You can spend a lot of $$ at those fancy salons like I once had, but there is lack of care to the client as a whole. Alis personally makes sure you are satisfied and is extremely pleasant and not stuck up like other salons I had been to. 

What's more fun than having someone make you feel and look better and have a great time laughing at the same time? 

Thank you Alis for all your hard work! You have given me a fresh new start to the year with my new look. I will see you soon!

-Ani M.